SPAM- The Wrong Way To Conduct Online Business

What is SPAM?   For starters, it is not a good thing. Spam is sending messages or business offers to people that you don’t know.  It is bombarding them with offers they don’t need or want.   The cornerstone to building an online business is creating relationships.  People want to know who you are…that they can trust you.  Spam is the opposite of that.

First off, lets look at the reality of Spam; you download your emails, you delete the Spam.  Spam is easy to identify and you don’t even have to read it to know that is probably spam.

Email programs come with a button called – DELETE; so delete – end of the matter.   That is what people are automatically going to do if they get emails or messages from unknown people..delete…and maybe block.  There goes your business before you even get off the ground.

That is not to say that you can never reach out to someone you don’t have a relationship with…you just have to be careful of your wording and how you approach them.

I have had emails blocked because I used the word, ‘free’.  Free immediately makes people think they will make money without having to do work.  Don’t use the word.  In fact, don’t use any misleading language- “guaranteed” “over night” “get rich quick”.

Also, make sure people can get in touch with you.  How many international websites today do not include any email contact details, or go to great lengths to hide them? What is the point of a website if you cannot respond and communicate with the owner? Am I expected to make international phone calls, send letters, snail mail?

Bottom line?  Think carefully before you blindly send out messages!

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